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GOODNA: Police move in on bikies at the Royal Mail Hotel

PIC: Police intercept bikies at Goodna today

If this is what the police are doing BEFORE the anti-bikie laws become law in Queensland, perhaps we really do need a Federal Bill of Rights.


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Redbank crane driver hands himself in to police and is facing workplace health and safety charges and possible traffic charges

The crane driver at the centre of a police hunt has handed himself in.

He had been confronted with worldwide publicity of his terrifying ride down Brisbane Road Redbank on Wednesday night when his crane ripped out electrical wires and Pay TV cables as well as splitting an electricity pole in two outside the Commercial Hotel.

The driver disappeared towards Goodna quicker than the pub patrons could say: "Let's have another beer".

Now, Workplace Health and Safety Officials are investigating the matter and the Goodna Police are also considering laying charges.

Local residents are asking if this driver is still working for the Origin Alliance Project and if and when he will be stood down for his death-defying antics in the main street of Redbank.

Good questions indeed!


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Howard as head of the NRL? You've got to be joking.

Fair dinkum.

Just when the buffoons running the National Rugby League are trying to get over another terrible year, they hatch a devious plot to resurrect John Howard as the boss of the NRL.

Little Johnny may have some skills, but running the major football code in Australia doesn't seem to be one of them.

David Gallop should give the game away if this is the best he can do to revitalise this national icon.

Prime Minister Howard was booed off every football oval he attended in Australia and you don't have to be Einstein to figure out the same would happen if he became the NRL boss.


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Ipswich City Council set to declare extended koala protection areas

PIC: More koala protection for Ipswich
(Courtesy BTQ 7)

Ipswich City Council is preparing new maps to extend koala protection areas across the city, including existing zones as well as significant adjacent areas identified for koala food tree planting.

Several investigation areas have been identified to further examine additional areas for possible protection.

This is on top of Ipswich's "one-for-one" replacement policy adopted in 2007 which requires all developers to replace trees removed during the development process, whether or not they are koala-friendly trees.

Ipswich is Queensland's most koala friendly city.


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Queensland Government to help natural disaster victims through Goodna and Leichhardt Centres

The Queensland Government has announced it will help victims of the Samoan and Tongan tsunami and the Indonesian earthquake.

The Goodna Neighbourhood House at 33 Queen Street Goodna and the Leichhardt Community Group at Leichhardt will be used to co-ordinate the service to Ipswich residents.

This is a full copy of the Minister's Media Release:

Minister for Disability Services and Multicultural Affairs

The Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk


Neighbourhood Centres to assist disaster affected communities

The Bligh Government will set up dedicated Neighbourhood Centres throughout southeast Queensland to assist those affected by the recent natural disasters in the Pacific region.

Multicultural Affairs Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk said the centres were part of the Bligh Government's comprehensive response to the South Pacific tsunami (Samoa and Tonga) and earthquake in the Indonesian Archipelago.

"The Premier has asked me to lead a whole-of-government response to assist the South Pacific and Indonesian communities here in Queensland which have been affected by the events over the past few days," she said.

"We need to help these communities get back on their feet, and that's what these neighbourhood centres are all about.

"They'll be up and running early this week, providing counselling and basic support services to people caught up in these tragedies.

"We're linking local Samoan and Indonesian communities in with these neighbourhood centres.

"The Premier and I have met with community leaders and we've received a lot of feedback that they need financial support to help their families, friends and communities.

"As a result Premier Bligh has activated the Premier's Disaster Relief Fund, and I encourage everyone to contribute what they can to help out our Pacific neighbours.

"We'll also ensure that ongoing support and counselling services are available to state school students."

Ms Palaszczuk said the Neighbourhood Centres would be a central point of information for local Samoan, Tongan and Indonesian communities in Queensland.

"The centres will link with translator services for those who don't speak English and we have already distributed information to community leaders in the respective home languages," she said.

"With the help of Multicultural Affairs Queensland our plans have taken into account cultural differences including language and religious beliefs."

Ms Palaszczuk said she would host regular meetings with leaders from the affected communities from this week.

"These meetings are about helping individuals and communities move their lives forward after these disastrous events," she said.

"Queenslanders are generous and giving people, and I'm asking everyone to dig deep and get behind these communities in their time of need."

Ms Palaszczuk said the initial neighbourhood centres would be set up from Monday at:

·Multilink Community Services, Woodridge

·Kingston East Neighbourhood Group, Kingston

·Multilink Community Services, Logan Central

·Goodna Neighbourhood House, Goodna

·Leichhardt Community Group, Leichhardt

·Deception Bay Neighbourhood Centre, Deception Bay

·Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre, Caboolture

·Inala Community House, Inala

·Elorac Place, Carole Park

·Acacia Ridge and Districts Community Centre, Acacia Ridge

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has established a national hotline for Australian citizens in the affected area.

Ph: 1800 002 214.

Queensland residents seeking translation or counselling services or support due to their families being in the affected areas can also call 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) for assistance.

To make a donation to the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal visit or phone 1800 021 884.


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Media Release: Call for bomb decontamination as Commonwealth updates UXO maps

PIC: Unexploded UXOs


Unexploded World War II bombs continue to pose a major threat to Ipswich residents following publication of updated UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) maps by the Commonwealth Government.

This has prompted a call for the Australian and United States governments to decontaminate affected sites in residential areas across Australia.

There are 307 areas in Queensland which have been assessed as containing UXO contamination with 73 officially classified as "substantial".

In Ipswich 17,219 individual parcels of land are listed as being affected by unexploded UXOs.

Thousands of residents of Redbank, Goodna, Redbank Plains, Gailes and Bundamba are living close to the affected areas.

Ipswich City Council Planning spokesman Paul Tully described the situation as "horrendous".
"It's almost 65 years since the end of World War II and we still have these bombs lying around waiting for a tragedy to happen."

"Redbank was a major Australian and American military base during the second world war and there are regular reports of UXOs being unearthed by inquisitive children or popping-off during local bushfires."

"The Yanks are responsible for many of these unexploded bombs buried around Ipswich and they should bear the cost of cleaning it up."

Cr Tully said several UXOs had been discovered at Redbank during the current upgrade of the Ipswich Motorway on former Commonwealth land which had been part of the defunct Redbank Rifle Range.

In 2006, workers unearthed a live mortar bomb near Cedar Road at Redbank Plains during the construction of the new water pipeline.

In February 1943, a 12-year old schoolboy died at Goodna after a live mortar shell he brought to the local Catholic School exploded.

He had discovered it at a nearby American war base.

Commonwealth Map link:


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