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Coca-Cola cares for people's health. What a crock!

Their full page advertisements across Australia today are an insult to every fair-minded Aussie.

Vehicle rort rips off battling taxpayers

It is illogical that someone with 80% private usage can claim 80% business usage.

That rort should have been outlawed years ago.

Kevin Rudd has quite rightly moved quickly to stop this statutory ripoff.

Why should the battlers of Goodna be subsidising the Chardonnay set of Ascot and Hamilton Heights?

Consumers complain about Coffee Club pie ripoff

Coffee Club pies - concealing just  a small casserole below
The Coffee Club has rolled out new homestyle pies for winter 2013.
On their specials menu, The Coffee Club is introducing Gourmet Homestyle Pies this winter season.
The two new pies are Beef & Barossa Shiraz and Chicken & Pancetta. They sound great.
But Fran - from the Ipswich suburb of Goodna - has complained that The Coffee Club pie is not a real pie.
It has a flaky top with no sides or bottom - just a watery casserole in the porcelain bowl below the crust!
Oh dear - what can the matter be?
A Coffee Club pie -
With no symmetry!
Which is a fair point for this gastronomic gal to make.
Ask any self-respecting Australian pie connoisseur if you can have a pie with just a flaky top and no crusty sides or base.
The Coffee Club beef and chicken pies sound and look tempting on the top - but steer clear of them if you want a fair dinkum, hearty Aussie pie to satisfy your hunger pains.
If you're from the dainty Chardonnay upper crust set of Ascot or Hamilton Heights, this half-baked pie might just be for you.
But if you're Fran from the working class suburb of Goodna, you will give these so-called pies a big miss because once eaten, twice shy!