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CMC enquiry is politically-motivated by failed Liberal leader Dr "Do Little" Flegg

TODAY'S PIC: Kenmore Rugby Union and Soccer ovals - the best in the west!

The CMC enquiry into State Government sports funding should dig deeper than a cursory look at the percentage of funding going into Labor electorates.

There is a very logical and rational reason for this - Labor electorates need the funding because of more than 30 years of National-Liberal governments in Queensland which systematically siphoned money into conservative electorates at the expense of Labor electorates.

The current government is simply ensuring that the limited funding is targeted into the areas of most need.

And despite the political protestations of the toffee-nosed Tories of Kenmore, the magnificent ovals and complex adjacent to Cubberla Creek are something the battlers in many parts of Queensland can only dream of.

The Member for Moggill Bruce Flegg seems to have woken from his winter hibernation like a half-euthanised Canadian bear.

But his dreary utterances on this issue are nothing more than a political beat-up by Dr Do Little who should self-diagnose himself into a much-needed permanent political retirement.


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Gold Coast Council snaps over Snapper Rocks Memorials

PIC: Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast
(Courtesy QTQ Channel 9)

Gold Coast CIty Council must have had a brain implosion when it removed family plaques installed on the beach at Snapper Rocks.

With no community consultation, heartless bureaucrats removed the plaques erected by family members in memory of loved ones lost in the sea.

If local government is supposedly the level of government closest to the people, the Gold Coast City Council makes its supposed concerns for the people look like a cross between democracy in Communist China and Soviet Russia.

Shame, shame, shame!


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Moreton Bay Regional Council loses bid to sack staff

Moreton Bay Regional Council lost its bid to sack council staff at the Queensland Local Government Conference meeting in Brisbane today.

Delegates from the state's councils rejected a controversial motion by Moreton Bay Mayor Allan Sutherland by 90 votes to 84.

Moreton Bay Council had sought a change to state legislation which protected workers' jobs in the wake of the forced amalgamations of councils in 2008.

Ipswich delegate Councillor Paul Tully spoke against the motion saying it was contrary to agreements made two years ago by the State Government, Councils, Unions and the LGAQ.

"This motion should be defeated because it is nothing more than an attack on the rights of council workers.

"Moreton Bay Council has already made savings of $19.2 million as a result the amalgamation but still wants the right to slash and burn workers," Cr Tully said.

Earlier in the day, the Local Government Minister Desley Boyle ruled out any change to the existing legislation sought by Moreton Bay Council.


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Fake email scam warning

A fake email has hit Australia overnight.

This is an outrageous scam offering over 4 million British pounds to unsuspecting claimants.

All the scammers are after is your bank details to strip your funds out of your account or they ask for progressively-increasing amounts to enable the non-existent "winning" payment to be verified and paid.

Be warned and warn your friends.

This is a copy of the latest scam:

From: Arshad Iftikhar, Mr

Subject: Contact me via my private e-mail:

Good day,

My name is Mr. Arshad Iftikhar, I work with Euro Lottery here in UK as the operations manager who generate weekly winning numbers.

I wish to offer you an opportunity to become one of our lottery winners with a cash prize of £4,528,000 GBP only if you would agree to give me 35% of your cash prize.

Just as a brief, due to my position in the company I can make it happen that you would be a winner of the above stated amount in our Euro Million Lotto Program.

Naturally, every body would like to play a lottery if they are assured of winning and I am assuring you today, I can make you a winner if you would accept this offer/condition.

I expect you don't take this for granted because this is once in a life time opportunity as we both stand to collectively gain from this at the success of the transaction.

Please contact me immediately through my private email:



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Hot political news: LNP fight over Wright

Hajnal Ban, the glamorous barrister and Logan City Councillor, has put her hand up as the LNP candidate for the new seat of Wright in the hinterland west of Logan out to Gatton.

And just when the LNP thought they were on a winner with Hajnal, it seems the ex-Liberal Member for Blair Cameron Thompson is planning to throw his hat into the ring for Wright as well.

Cameron knows he cannot possibly regain Blair from the ALP's Shayne Neumann after a very favourable redistribution for Shayne.

Cameron staked his political future at the last Federal election on his support for the discredited Goodna Bypass and for the abolition of workers' rights - and lost spectacularly!

Now, despite Paul Keating's assertion that a souffle never rises twice, Cameron is apparently considering the impossible - Phoenix rising from the ashes.

The LNP - despite its apparent unity - still comprises the former Liberal and National camps.

Hajnal is an ex-National and Cameron hails from the up-themselves, chardonnay-drinking Liberals who still think they were born to rule.

Ambition has never been one of Cameron's weaker points and he would do anything to stop a dyed-in-the-wool National winning the coveted seat of Wright - especially if it means winning the seat himself!


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US Court forces Google to name blogger

In a world first, a New York judge has ruled that Google must reveal the name of a blogger who posted defamatory remarks about model Liskula Cohen.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Joan Madden has ordered Google to release the blogger's name to Ms Cohen so she can commence defamation proceedings against the secret writer.

Bloggers and twitterers be warned: The secret society of the internet has abruptly ended with this landmark judgment.


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Media Release: Gold Coast Mayor slammed for calling Ipswich residents "lower-class leftovers"

The war of words between the Gold Coast and Ipswich has escalated with Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke attacking Ipswich's win in the International Liveable Communities Awards.

Cr Clarke told the Gold Coast Council meeting: "If Ipswich has won it, how prestigious can it be?"

He has described Ipswich residents as "lower-class leftovers" who couldn't afford to live in Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

Goodna Councillor Paul Tully, Queensland's longest-serving City Councillor, has slammed Cr Clarke saying his on-going personal denigration of Ipswich was a scandalous attack on the city's 160,000 residents.

Cr Tully has invited the Gold Coast Mayor to Goodna's historic Royal Mail hotel to explain his views to the local residents whom he describes as the "salt of the earth".

"I challenge Ron Clarke to come to Goodna any Friday afternoon and repeat his comments that we are lower-class leftovers.

"He wouldn't have the guts to turn up knowing his much-needed pugilistic skills were well-short of his former athletic ability.

"He would be tarred and feathered before he could get back to his mayoral limousine.

"The 140-year old Royal Mail hotel is where political arguments are still settled in the old fashioned way as they were in the days when the Cobb & Cobb coaches stopped at the front door.

"The mayoralty has gone to Ron Clarke's head as he condemns and criticises the residents of Queensland's oldest provincial city."

Cr Tully said the people of the Gold Coast should give Ron Clarke the Royal Order of the Boot.

"He has gone too far this time.

"Ron Clarke should stick with his toffee-nosed, chardonnay-drinking, white shoe brigade mates on the Gold Coast before he criticises another city.

"I doubt he has ever been to Ipswich but I can assure him of a civic reception he will never forget if takes up my challenge to explain himself at the Royal Mail Hotel at Goodna," Cr Tully said.

19 August 2009


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Budgie birdbrains caught in Goodna selling 70 stolen budgerigars to the local pet store

Budgie snatching gang of Goodna
face a stint behind bars

There are always some complete dills in the community but the thieving Budgerigar Gang of Goodna takes the cake - or the birdseed - in 2009.

A gang of budgie snatchers has been operating in the local area flogging residents' stolen feathered friends off to the local pet store.

One neighbour had the foresight to take down the number plate of the car being driven by these feather-brains.

The same car was used to transport the stolen budgies to the unsuspecting pet shop.

Next, the police were involved and bingo - the budgie snatchers are snatched by the cops.

If you have any missing budgerigars around the Goodna or Bellbird Park area, call the Goodna cops immediately.

Now, all we need is the local beak in Ipswich to hit these miscreants hard - rather than the usual slap over the wrist with feather duster.

Read the full exploits of these birdbrained thieves at the Budgerigar Breeders Club website at


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International Internet scams are becoming more sophisticated!

Warning to local internet users.

Gold, Gold, Gold.

What could be more-inducing than an offer of untold golden riches.

This scam offers cheap gold dust but is nothing more than complete bull dust.

This scam looks innocent enough with no upfront demand for name, date of birth or bank account details.
But as sure as night follows day, the request for personal information will come later - with disastrous financial consequences for anyone sucked into this scam.

Be warned - trash this scam immediately.

This is a copy of the latest poorly-worded email scam:

From: keita, modibo

Subject: Gold proposal


Dear sir,

My Name Is Mr. Modibo keita A Native Of Sanso Community In Morila-Sikasso Region Of Rep. Of Mali French Speaking West African Country.

I Am a Member of the Said Community and Head of Sales, Marketing, advertising, communication and sourcing agent for our Gold Dust AU. 

Prior To The Latest Privilege Accorded Local Gold Miners In Mali Since April 2007 To Market And Sell Gold Dust Au Themselves, Thus My Offer To All Gold Dust Prospective Buyers Willing To Establish Meaningful Business Transaction That Is Viable And Durable with us.

We Are Trying to Explore the Gold Dust Au International Market Now a days.

Hence, I'm offering you a Fresh Gold Dust AU for Sale with the Following Specifications
   Commodity...................... ...........Aurum Utalium (Au)Form........................... ...............Gold Dust/nugget PowderQuantity....................... ..............120kg and As Per Availability AlwaysQuality/Purity................. ..............22+CaratFiness......................... ................92% or betterLocation....................... ............... MaliOrigin......................... .................MaliPrice per Kg................................$16, 000 USD/KG (Negotiable)  

In Future We Also Wish To Invest The Returns We Have from Gold Dust Au Sales In other Lucrative Businesses, thus, we might seek your advice if possible. 

We welcome all inquiries about details and procedures. 

Accept our Warm Regards, 733 222 01

Mr. Modibo Mali


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Fake email warning as new scam hits Australia

There is a new twist in fake emails hitting Australian computers.

This time the scammers have claimed an association with Google to bolster their bogus £500,000 GBP offer to unsuspecting internet users.

The Australian Government has the power to control the inflow of these sorts of emails into Australia.

If they can legally halt serious pornography and terrorism on the internet, they should be taking action to halt these consumer scams which are financially destroying many unsuspecting Australian families.

Be warned about this latest scam. Warn your family and friends and trash this trash.

This is a copy of the latest email scam which hit Australia overnight:


Subject: Google Online Promotions

Dear e-mail user,

Your e-mail has emerged as a winner of £500,000.00 GBP (Five hundred thousand British Pounds) in our on-going Google Promotion.

Your Winning details are as follows: Computer Generated Profile Numbers (CGPN):7-22-71-00-66-12, Ticket number: 00869575733664, Serial numbers: BTD/8070447706/06, Lucky numbers: 12-12-23-35-40-41(12).

Contact Mr Graham Benfield, for more details through the contact below:

Mr Graham Benfield,



Mrs. Sherry William.


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If Ekka walls could talk!

Labor appointee Magistrate Brian Kilmartin was spotted tonight engaged in an animated discussion with the Deputy Premier Paul Lucas at the Members' Stand at the Ekka.

No doubt, it was an intense discussion of recent and current political events.

If only the Ekka walls could talk!


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Media Release: Heart patient falls asleep at wheel on busy highway after chemist wrongly dispenses sleeping tablets

Media Release from Queensland Consumer Watch
- Call for State Government crackdown on chemists after near accident on Ipswich Motorway when heart patient wrongly given sleeping tablets -

A state government investigation is underway into an incident on the Ipswich Motorway when a driver fell asleep at the wheel of his car after mistakenly being given sleeping tablets instead of heart tablets by his local chemist.

The Redbank man had been wrongly taking the sleeping tablets for 5 days before the mistake was discovered.

He pulled over at the Goodna exit during the peak hour rush after nodding off on the 100,000 vehicles a day motorway.

The driver later confronted the chemist and has lodged an official complaint with the Pharmacists Board which is investigating the incident.

Queensland Consumer Watch spokesman Paul Tully has called for a crackdown on chemists dispensing wrong prescriptions.

He said the case highlighted the need for chemists to take more care in dealing with the public.

"The average consumer wouldn't know the fancy names being used by pharmaceutical companies and could easily be confused if given the wrong medication.

"This incident could have resulted in a major tragedy on the Ipswich Motorway as a direct result of professional incompetence.

"Pharmacists are university trained professionals who should never get this sort of thing wrong.

"The State Government must act firmly over this potentially-deadly incident to ensure it never happens again," Paul Tully said.


(Personal details have been omitted by Queensland Consumer Watch.)

Copy of this email addressed to and faxed to:

Pharmacists Board of Queensland at Office of Health Practitioner Registration Board 

To whom it may concern. 

Last week I presented at my local Chemist, (name deleted), and requested Minax (Metoporol) tablets via a script supplied by Dr (name deleted).

I have been taking Minax, one tab twice a day for heart condition. The script was processed by (name deleted), the Chemist owner of the Pharmacy and on my arrival home I removed the bottle from the pharmacy packet and noticed that it was different to normal Minax.

The bottle was the same white plastic with a blue safety-lock lid and the label attached by the Chemist indicated "Metoporol" with Minax shown under but in smaller print and with the instructions to take one tablet twice a day. 

The difference that I noted was that instead of the usual bland Minax original label on the bottle, the original label on this bottle was a bright purple/red label showing 'PROZAM or PRAZAM'.

It was quite noticeable and fortunately not covered over by the Chemists add-on label described above.

I noticed the different label but thought it must have been a generic brand of Minax.  (My usual Avapro blood pressure tables have recently been supplied as Karvea, a generic alternative) and not knowing otherwise I believed that the Prozam was a generic brand of  Minax/Metoporol. And as stated,the Chemists label indicated Metoporol/minax.

I have no qualms about using or being supplied with a generic alternative. 

On the weekend I commenced to use the new bottle as the previous bottle had run out. 

I noted that the tablets in the new bottle were red/orange in colour and I again assumed they were a generic substitute and continued to take one tab morning and night. 

I did not get alarmed for the first few days but felt lethargic and as soon as I relaxed, tried to read the paper or watch TV, my eyes became heavy and I had a feeling of tiredness and nodding off. 

I went to work, Redbank to St. Lucia Mon & Tues and felt very tired and weary, especially driving home and not responding easily to my early morning alarm wake up.

On Wed. I went by train to Wickham Terrace for a periodical ENT Specialist checkup. 

I could barely stay awake on the train both ways and whilst at the Drs waiting room I kept nodding off.  

Throughout that day I felt slightly squeamish in the stomach, but only slight and it did not concern me. 

That Wed. night I fell asleep whilst watching TV, something I have never done before.  I gave thought to the way I had been feeling and believed that I may have been getting a flu/virus or whatever. 

On Thurs 6.8.09 morning I fell asleep again after the alarm and was a good hour late for work and now cannot recall my drive to work. 

Again, lethargic all day and may as well have not been at work.  By the time I got onto the Ipswich Motorway on the drive home I felt very tired and should not have driven and at present with the new work there is nowhere to stop safely.  I turned off into the Goodna egress lane and stopped and walked around the vehicle and pondered my state of well-being.

I decided to check with the Chemist if the 'generic' tablets could be the cause, if not I would see my GP as to whether I had a flue/virus/whatever. 

I got to the Chemist and spoke to (name deleted) and then retrieved the bottle which she identified as sleeping tablets and not Minax. 

She was most apologetic and stated that she did not know how she made such a mistake ALTHOUGH there is a PROMINENT difference in the original labels of Minax and Prozam/Prazam. 

I am now aghast  at the mistake and implications, especially as I had been driving. 

Luckily I deduced that I was not my normal self and sought advice.  Other people or older people could have kept using the tablets until the bottle was empty or an accident/incident occurred. 

I will now not leave a Chemist until I have thoroughly checked or queried every item. 

One puts considerable trust in professionals such as Chemists.  

I now hope that the relevant Authorities could take action to have original labels altered to show what the tablet/medicine is for in simple layman terms.   MINAX with "For heart condition" or "heart treatment" shown under MINAX  and   PROZAM   with "Sleeping tablet" or "Sedative tablet" under or next to PROZAM and etc right across the broad range of drugs/medicines/tablets. 

Not knowing where to start, I have forwarded this information to the various addresses in the hope that the recipients can help towards amending or clarifying such anomalies that could be disastrous and to ensure that Chemists take better care. 

I do not believe that proper care was taken by the Chemist when my script was dispensed. 

If necessary this letter could be shortened to:  Patient believed sleeping tablets dispensed  and labelled by a Chemist for heart condition treatment, to be a generic brand in lieu of the normal heart treatment tablet, until uncharacteristic tiredness  caused the patient to ask questions. 

A simple addition to the label  showing what the medicine is for in simple terms would reduce mistaken use. 

(Name deleted)



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More internet scams hit Australia

This is the latest internet scam flooding Australia.

Be warned and warn your friends.



Subject: Mrs Kadi Ouedraogo Donation!

Dear friend,

Greeting in the name of our lord Jesus Christ.

I am Mrs.Kadi Ouedraogo, a widow to late Adama Ouedraogo.

I am 52 years old, a new Christian convert, suffering from long time pancreatic cancer.

From all indication, my condition is really deteriorating and it is quite obvious that I won't live more than six months according to my doctors.

This is because the cancer has gotten to a very bad stage.

My late husband was killed during the Cote'd Ivoire civil war, and during the period of our marriage we couldn't produce any child.

My late husband was very wealthy and after his death, I inherited all his business and wealth.

The doctors has advised me that I may not live more than six months so I now decided to divide the part this wealth, to contribute to the development of the less privileged ones around the globe.

I selected you after visiting the Internet and I prayed over it.

I am willing to donate the sum of 5,000,000 US dollars, to help, widow and they less privileged ones in the rural areas.

Please I want to note that this fund is lying in a state owned bank.

I honestly pray that this money, when transferred will be used for the said purpose because I have come to find out that wealth acquisition without Christ is vanity.

May the grace of our lord Jesus the love of God and the fellowship of the holy sprite be with you and your family.

I await your urgent reply.

Mrs. Kadi Ouedraogo



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Riverview Reunion

Memories flooded back today for former residents of the Salvation Army Home for Boys at Riverview.

It was a difficult time for many of the men who talked about their time at Riverview in the 1940s, 1950s and beyond.

Time heals all and the honesty and openness of the former Boys' Home members and Salvationists at today's event was a milestone in the lives of all involved.


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