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Holy Moli - This crook's at it again.

Interstate cooperation results in injunction

A joint operation between Queensland and South Australian regulators has resulted in a successful Federal Court injunction against itinerant door-to-door tree-lopper Elevisi Moli.

The Federal Circuit Court in Brisbane yesterday granted an injunction under the Australian Consumer Law against Mr Moli in relation to breaches of the unsolicited consumer agreement provisions.

Mr Moli was prosecuted by the Queensland Office of Fair Trading in 2011 and 2013 for failing to give details of his identity, failing to tell the consumers he had to leave on request, failing to give written agreements that complied with the law and misrepresenting that he had full insurance when he did not.

He was subsequently fined and was ordered to pay substantial compensation to elderly customers on the Bayside and Sunshine Coast respectively.

However, Mr Moli more recently continued this conduct in South Australia.

As a result of shared intelligence and cooperation between Qld and SA regulators, Mr Moli was located and served with the Federal Circuit Court application.

The injunction has force nationally and orders Mr Moli to stop committing offences. Failure to comply will result in a contempt of court order.

- Queensland Government News.