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Andrew Fraser slams Campbell Newman as dawn breaks on broken toll promises

Treasurer and Minister for State Development and Trade

The Honourable Andrew Fraser


Dawn breaks on Newman's broken toll promises

Motorists using the financially stricken Clem7 tunnel will this morning wake up to a 25% toll hike, which breaks another Campbell Newman promise.

"Campbell Newman first promised that the toll would be $2, and then he said it would be $3.30," Treasurer Andrew Fraser said.

"From this morning motorists are being clipped $3.95, with trucks and commercial vehicles paying even more.

"Today he marks his first day as the official LNP candidate for Ashgrove with another broken promise that hits motorists in the hip pocket.

"Campbell Newman put over $750 million of ratepayers money into Clem7 - which is now in receivership.

"He promised not to raise rates above inflation - and has broken the promise year in year out.

"He has plundered Brisbane City's finances and is now cutting and running - running from the rebuilding of Brisbane, running from the horror Council Budget he knows is coming, running only to serve his own ambitions.

"Campbell Newman is a tricky politician who will say and do anything to get elected.

"But try as he might he can't run from his past. His is a shameful record of broken promises - no wonder he is on the run."