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LNP leader Campbell Newman questions Crime and Misconduct Commission over 'leak'

CAMPBELL Newman has taken a swipe at Queensland's corruption watchdog, suggesting the authority may be leaking information to Treasurer Andrew Fraser.
The Liberal Nationals leader yesterday insisted there was a "rich vein of inquiry" that should be pursued into why Mr Fraser had so much information about the current probe into the LNP.
In Parliament, the Treasurer named two people that the Crime and Misconduct Commission should interview in relation to its current probe.
The watchdog is investigating claims Moggill MP Bruce Flegg was offered an inducement to retire and make way for Mr Newman by LNP president Bruce McIver.
One of the men named by Mr Fraser was Mr Newman's brother-in-law Seb Monsour while the other was Fraser Stephen, who works in Queensland senator Russell Trood's office.
"Well might the CMC talk to both of those people, because the Member for Moggill has already had his chance down there," Mr Fraser said. "The poor man's Robert Sparkes, Bruce McIver, has been down there to tell his story.
 "I'll bet that evidence just might corroborate (it)."
Mr Newman said he respected the CMCs independence but there were questions about why Mr Fraser was so "remarkably well informed".
"I was fascinated today to see that the Treasurer seems to know a lot more about the things that the CMC are doing than the broader community," he said.
"And you have got to question what is going on when he seems to be getting some sort of information that isn't available to other people."
His comments came after the LNP's billionaire backer Clive Palmer accused the CMC of doing the Government's bidding by undertaking the investigation.
Mr Newman, who will start a four-day tour of regional Queensland today, said Mr Palmer had a right to criticise the CMC.
"Anybody in our democratic society is entitled to question any pubic official in my view," he said.
Mr Fraser said Mr Newman's backing of Mr Palmer showed his bid to become the state premier was "like the Joh for PM crusade".
"As for the source of information in the public arena , Mr Newman should check his own backyard," he said. "Not everyone in the LNP is as convinced of his infallibility as he is."