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Latest Australian and International News

Conroy denies vendetta against Google
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has denied he is waging a vendetta against Google after the Government called in federal police to investigate the internet giant over alleged privacy breaches.

PM shrugs off claims he is driven by anger
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has brushed off claims he is a man driven by anger after a scathing article describes him as a "politician with rage at his core".

Colleagues shocked by security guard's shooting
The colleagues of a security guard who died after being shot during an ambush in Sydney's CBD say his death has shocked them.

Man sets himself on fire outside court
A man has been taken to hospital after setting himself alight outside the Supreme Court Building in Brisbane.

Israel kills 4 militants diving off Gaza
An Israeli naval patrol killed at least four Palestinian men in diving gear off the Gaza coast, Hamas security officials and the Israeli army said.