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DJs fronts up as CEO scandal erupts
In corporate Australia Mark McInnes was more than just the chief executive of David Jones. To shareholders, big time investors and rusted-on shoppers he was also the high profile face of the company who was a living and breathing brand. But today's stunning departure is the latest confirmation that corporate Australia will accept nothing less than exemplary behaviour from its chief executives.

Government can be a reality
Alongside the tools and technology, public sector culture must change to bring the reality of Government 2.0 to light.

Word-art imitates life at the Mid-Winter Ball
In recent years speeches by Australia's leaders at the Parliamentary Mid-Winter Ball have followed the lead set by the White House correspondent's dinner. It is a bold and terrifying trend and the results have been mixed, because they start with a few handicaps. The first is that, as a rule, Australians are hopeless public speakers and, with some noble exceptions, this holds true for our leaders.

Blame it on the vuvuzela, but we haven't blown it yet
There's no-one having less fun than us so far. You could make the case Australia's 4-0 loss to Germany has been the least interesting moment of this World Cup. But there's more to see at this sporting carnival than our navels, and some of it is truely inspiring. How I longed to be New Zealandish on Tuesday; you could do nothing but smile at their good fortune.

Shear amazement at North Tuppal Station
On a frosty morning in the NSW Riverina, shearers sharpen their blades, oil their handpieces, and slip on their unofficial uniform. They're preparing for the largest gathering of shearers in recent history - an event organised to raise funds to send a national shearing team to Wales for the International Golden Shears Competition. But what this event evolves into over the next two days, is much more than a fund-raising exercise.