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News Commentary

Drug giant's secret love-in with Aussie sexperts
Trying to launch a sex drug for a controversial condition which may soon no longer exist is going to involve some very sophisticated public relations strategies. Hence the need for all-expenses paid private love-ins with influential opinion-makers. Last month German drug giant Boehringer Ingelheim did just that. But how successful will it be?

Soccer no match for American football
Americans have the same problem as we Australians do - they can't bring themselves to call soccer ... football.

Oil spill a wake-up call for us all
As consumers and investors, we have all contributed to increasing the risk of oil spill disasters.

A real reason to leave Facebook
If there is one thing about Facebook that could push you to jump off the digital cliff, it is the comment function.

The nanny state: taking liberties
It should be clear by now that the Rudd Government is not a government full of civil libertarians. A potent combination of enthusiasm for regulation, an obsession with security, an aging health and welfare system, and unlimited political faith in technological solutions to public policy problems are undermining privacy and eroding civil liberties.