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News Commentary

What the heck happened to Kevin Rudd?
If you have been backpacking for a year in some remote part of the Amazon and just landed back in Australia, you might be wondering what happened to Kevin Rudd. If people are honest with their explanations about Rudd's rapid descent into political hell, they would say that he has done most of it to himself. How come? Easy. He promised so much and delivered so little.

Racial slurs no good for damaged NRL image
Timana Tahu has done more for rugby league in the past week than the sport's administrators have managed to do in the past year. And by putting what is right before the glory of running out on the field tomorrow night with his NSW team mates, Tahu has also done more for rugby league than Andrew Johns has during his legendary playing career.

Harry's groin? It is now completely off the bone
The Socceroos have got off to a fantastic start in South Africa, with an impressive 4-0 result against the mighty Germany. The noise of a billion swarming wasps couldn't prevent Australia from throwing down the gauntlet on the biggest stage. By holding the Euro giants to 4 we've shown Ghana what they've got coming.

Memo Kevin: Leadership is other people
What's the difference between Bob Hawke the great reformer and Kevin Rudd? The capacity to delegate. And sleep. Rudd's Cabinet lacks the authority to work effectively and his ministerial consultations are a sham. It is this lack of faith and leadership skill that is crippling Rudd's Prime Ministership.

A casual relationship with the facts
Despite attempts by Joe Hockey to spin the facts, over the past decade the Coalition has received more than double the donations from the resources industry than Labor. Has the Liberal Caucus now formally adopted Tony Abbott's mantra that not everything he says can be relied on to be true?