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News Commentary

Rudd's election delay a political miscalculation
In February this year, Kevin Rudd had the choice to take the Australian electorate to an early election. A handful of key figures in the Labor party thought it a good idea. They sensed the tide was about to turn against them and they wanted to get in before it did. But Rudd took the more cautious approach. He was never seriously tempted, which in retrospect, was a political miscalculation.

NSW Twitter debate a test of (140) characters
Political leaders in NSW have taken to Twitter as part of a pre by-election debate - but it has fallen flat with followers.

Ethical investment is way off track
A leading Australian electric car company is linked to an Israeli firm that operates in Palestinian territories. We should be concerned.

NRL racism is spinning out of control
You've got to wonder what Mrs Johns tells the neighbours when they ask her how the boys are doing. How one family can generate so many headlines for all the wrong reasons is beyond me. Of course, it was Johns and his hapless band of media managers who poured fuel on the fire in the first place by trying to cover up his racist tirade during a NSW State of Origin team bonding session last week.

Ruddtopia: fool's gold
The Government faces an economic quandary. It has squandered the national treasure in an orgy of reckless spending to stave off recession. The wastefulness of that spending is now becoming apparent as each house-fire raises questions about the insulation scheme and school parents can see how little the BER delivered. Rudd needs money fast to bring the budget into surplus and is sold on the RSPT as the solution.