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Rail Back on Track calls on Government to introduce family tickets

Media release 15th July 2012

SEQ: Call for a group/family go card ticket on the TransLink network

RAIL Back On Track ( a web based community support group for rail and public transport and an advocate for public transport passengers has called for the introduction of a group/family go card for use on the TransLink network.

Robert Dow, Spokesman for RAIL Back On Track said:

"Other Australian States have various ticketing initiatives to encourage families, small groups of adults and children on to public transport at times when there is plenty of capacity (1)."

"The Queensland State Government touts itself as 'lowering the cost of living for families' (2).  Here is the perfect opportunity to translate political rhetoric into concrete action."

"A group/family go card could allow up to two adults and 5 children (5 to 16 years) to travel on public transport as a group at off peak times.  A fare cost of 1.5 times the normal adult fare for the journey would be appropriate which includes travel for up to two adults and 5 children.  There would be no journey capping on this group/family go card as it would generally only be used on weekends and public holidays."

"RAIL Back On Track members have discussed this initiative on our discussion forum and we don't see any problem with its implementation (3)."

"There would be wider cost benefits.  The public transport is running out of peak and is a fixed cost.  By encouraging more passengers this is a return that would otherwise be lost.  Additionally there are further cost savings as people transfer from congested roads to public transport.  Children are introduced to public transport at an early age and this further reinforces the value of such community assets.  There is a business multiplier effect as more people can get out and about."

"Other Australian states can grasp the initiative and introduce real community benefits.  Time we did the same 


1. NSW --> Family Funday Sunday

Funday FamilyEvery Sunday you can explore Sydney and surrounds with your family, without spending a lot, with our Family Funday Sunday tickets.

For $2.50 per person, your family can enjoy a fun day out with unlimited travel on Sydney's buses, trains, ferries and light rail every Sunday. The ticket will even take you to Newcastle and Wollongong!

V/Line --> Family Traveller

Allows one adult to take up to two children (aged 16 years and under) free during off-peak times. At all other times, one child can travel free and one child needs to have a valid ticket.

Perth --> FamilyRider

FamilyRider allows unlimited system-wide travel for a group of up to seven people (two of whom can be standard fare passengers) on weekends and public holidays.  Cost $9.30

FamilyRider can also be used after 6.00pm Monday to Thursday, after 3.00pm on Fridays and after 9.00am on weekdays during school holidays.
FamilyRider is available after8.30am in zones 5 to 9 during school holidays.
FamilyRider is only available as a cash ticket on the day of travel.

Melbourne has capped myki on weekends.  $3.30 daily cap.