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RACQ's Paul Turner and Steve Spalding are both wrong as RACQ declares war

The RACQ is at it again in Queensland with its divisive anti-government campaigns based on fear and innuendo.
It started as a report last week in Ipswich's Queensland Times that the RACQ was not supportive of plans by the State Government for a trial on the Gold Coast permitting left-hand turns at traffic lights, after stopping and giving way.
This prompted the following letter to the editor of The Queensland Times on 9 November 2012:

Paul Tully
The RACQ is at again pooh-poohing almost every sensible suggestion made by state and federal governments to improve road safety.

The latest effort is by RACQ executive manager Steve Spalding who has slammed the eminently sensible trial on the Gold Coast to allow left hand turns at red lights after stopping and giving way to all other traffic.

This system has worked successfully in New South Wales for decades and is often suggested in Queensland by frustrated motorists held up for no apparent reason at traffic lights.

If the RACQ stopped running its constant anti-government political agenda, they could become part of the solution rather than languishing as part of the problem.

What followed was a response by Paul Turner, RACQ's General Manager, Advocacy in The Queensland Times of 15 November 2012, mouthing off over Cr Tully's alleged "inflammatory" comments. 
Couldn't Steve Spalding stand up for himself to try to defend his indefensible comments made last week?
Paul Turner's responsibilities are listed on the RACQ website as:

Paul Turner
Paul Turner GAICD
Executive General Manager External Relations
Paul is responsible for ensuring the interests of 1.2 million Queensland motorists and their families are promoted and protected through constructive engagement and effective communication with governments, industry, media, other road user groups, and the wider community.

"Effective communication with governments?" - How long is it since RACQ sat down with any local councillors to discuss important local issues as do officers of the Main Roads Department, QUU etc.  Not once in 33 years, according to Cr Tully!
The RACQ is answerable to no one as it regularly parades its hacks on television to present negative, anti-government views to inflict its self-opinionated commentary on the people of Queensland about a variety of issues. 

The RACQ is often poorly informed and out-of-touch with reality.  The performance of its "sister" company RACQ Insurance during the aftermath of the 2011 flood shows what the people of Queensland are dealing with.  Some of its actions last year were nothing short of disgraceful and its subsequent efforts to win the hearts and minds of Queenslanders were in exceptionally poor taste.
Paul Turner is on notice that his out-of-touch Advocacy section at RACQ is now firmly in the sights of this web information service.  He can expect to feature regularly on this website if he and his underlings continue to engage in the political arena with their views on all sorts of issues which are notoriously out-of-touch with reality.
Paul Turner vs Paul Tully is a declaration of war by the RACQ on 15 November 2012. 

Given the public longevity of the latter, it is a war the RACQ and Paul Turner will regret they ever commenced because the one difference between Cr Tully and an American Pitbull is that the Pitbull eventually let's go!