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MP calls for Queensland rego stickers to be scrapped

Queensland MP Demanding To Do Away With Registration Stickers

With the recent arrival of roadside number-plate recognition technology and comparable systems, one Queensland MP is demanding the State Governments to get rid of vehicle registration stickers.

Rob Messenger, MP for Burnett in Queensland, told reporters today that troubles at the beginning of the year, with about five million faulty rego stickers may possibly be kept away from in the future, if the ageing system was scrapped at one fell swoop.

Mr. Messenger said that registration stickers were required in a different world when police and other public officials did not have the capability to immediately check if vehicle's registration holds any validity or not and that the payment had been made for it.

Although the Department of Transport lists security and national consistency amongst the reasons to utilize registration stickers, the Western Australian Government has already scrapped the requirement for light weighing vehicles to place display a sticker.

Mr. Messenger's comments follow a proclamation last month that Queensland will shortly implement new anti-fraud license cards, incorporating a microchip that is programmed with the license-holder's particulars.