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Australian News: Trade measurement goes national

Trade measurement goes national

After nearly 150 years of service to Queensland, Trade Measurement operations will become part of the National Measurement Institute.

At a function in Brisbane last night Minister for Fair Trading Peter Lawlor acknowledged the work of the Trade Measurement branch and thanked them for their contribution to Queensland.

"Today brings to an end almost 90 years of trade measurement administration by the State Government which followed over 60 years of administration by local government."

From the 1 July administration of trade measurement will transfer from Queensland's Office of Fair Trading to the Commonwealth's National Measurement Institute.

Mr Lawlor said this was part of a 2007 Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreement to establish a single regulatory national system of trade measurement.

"Traders can expect to benefit from reduced compliance costs and a strengthening of the trade measurement resources under one banner," he sa id.

"It is estimated that each year $400 billion worth of transactions rely one form of trade measurement.

"From big business on the global stage to the local corner shop, trade and commerce is so often based on measurement - weight, volume, length, quantity. Consumers and traders alike look to the system of trade measurement as fundamental to their confidence in the integrity of the marketplace."

"I am confident the new arrangement will maintain the same high-level of service," he said.

Mr Lawlor acknowledged the contribution of 21 Queensland trade measurement staff who accepted offers to work with the National Measurement Institute.

"I thank them for their continued contribution and wish them the best as they continue this important work with the Federal Government."

"Queensland has been a leading force in assisting the National Measurement Institute prepare for the transition.

"Three of Queensland's trade measurement staff provided specialist services to the National Measurement Institute leading developmental projects in preparation for the transition."

Mr Lawlor also congratulated Queensland's former Trade Measurement Manager Mr Malcolm Bartlett who led the legislation development project and earlier this year was appointed by the National Measurement Institute as Manager of Trade Measurement Services.

"This is a significant recognition for Mr Bartlett's commitment and dedication and I wish him well in his new role."

Minister for Tourism and Fair Trading
The Honourable Peter Lawlor