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Jim Carden needs to come clean on who was responsible for Brisbane Airport traffic shambles

Jim Carden, BAC Executive Manager

The clowns responsible for yesterday's removal of drop off and pick up spaces outside the Brisbane domestic terminal never expected such fierce public opposition.

It took less than 24 hours for lavish servings of humble pie to be consumed by the faceless decision-makers at the Brisbane Airport Corporation.

Jim Carden, the BAC Executive Manager who is normally the airport media tart when good news is being announced, was apparently lying low leaving it to Rebecca McConochie to field all the difficult media enquiries.

So, who did authorise yesterday's traffic changes which created more havoc than a strike by air traffic controllers?

Jim, if it was you, why don't you come down out of your ivory tower and confess your involvement rather than making good people like Rebecca McConochie look foolish when she vehemently justifies the changes on Brisbane radio one morning and defends their abandonment the next day.

Today, Rebecca announced another pending BAC disaster with plans to scrap the existing zebra crossing linking the carpark and the airport terminal in favour of an overhead pedestrian bridge link.

Does this mean that passengers using the drop off / pick up facility will have to cart their heavy bags up a set of stairs or queue up, to use a new lift?

Either way, you can be sure when commuter anger overflows next year as a result of this looming disaster, Jim Carden will stay locked up in his office leaving difficult media interviews to underlings like Rebecca McConochie.

As for Rebecca's other announcement today that there are no plans by BAC to charge drivers to use the existing drop off / pick up facility at Brisbane Airport, obviously the matter has already been considered by the BAC.

And if making more money is involved, you can be sure this brilliant money-making idea will never be far from Jim Carden's mind.

After all, if you put a mouse in front of a cat, you know what will eventually happen.