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Beware fake fax, says Yellow Pages

Australian businesses are being targeted by a fake fax disguised as a communication from Yellow Pages.

The fake fax seeks a payment to Yellow Pages to make each company's details available to online users of Google Maps.

Sensis, which runs various online directories including Yellow Pages, said on Tuesday that customers in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia had reported the fake fax.

Yellow Pages spokesman Stephen Ronchi said customers should contact the company directly if they received any unusual communication from sources claiming to represent Yellow Pages.

Websites masquerading as Yellow Pages were also part of the scam, South Australian Consumer Affairs Minister Gail Gago said in a statement.

"Sensis is taking steps to put an end to this scam as soon as possible so that customers do not mistakenly make payments to this company," she said.

Similar scams involving Yellow Pages have included bogus sales consultants requesting details and payments from businesses.