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ANZ Insurance rips off Chinese couple in Brisbane

ANZ has done a backflip which would win spectacular awards at the Moscow Circus.

On Friday, a Brisbane Chinese couple was told by ANZ that the insurance on their home which had been destroyed by fire was void because they had taken in a boarder.

No wonder Australians think banks are disgraceful when they treat customers like dog droppings!

After a spurt of adverse television publicity, ANZ announced today that it was all a big mistake and the couple - who had been living in their car - would be paid after all.

The ANZ should have honoured the insurance last Friday - not when the sh*t hit the proverbial fan.
The couple was at its most-vulnerable immediately after the fire, yet the ANZ treated them worse than a mongrel dog should be treated.

ANZ is a disgrace and consumers should boycott this heartless, greedy corporation.