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Tony Abbott admits campaign trail can be depressing: Wait until Saturday night Tony!

TONY Abbott revealed today he has been "depressed" at times during the campaign and that he doesn't want to give up surfing and triathlons if he becomes prime minister.
As Mr Abbott joined journalists on the bus to the marginal seat of Petrie, he sat on a wobbly seat.
"Gee it's hard to find a safe seat," he joked:
"Sometimes you think this is a bit depressing because you're all human, even senior politicians are human - you're subject to the usual range of emotions."
The admissions came as he mounted a marathon nonstop effort to win power.
"Margie (his wife) has said a few times whatever happens what an amazing thing to have experienced to be a party leader and go through an election campaign," he revealed.
Mr Abbott said his best moment of the campaign so far was the Rooty Hill people's forum last week.
He said he understood prime ministers had tough time demands but he wished to continue his rigorous exercise regime.
"I would be incredibly disappointed if I couldn't still be involved in a bit of sport because everyone's got to have some recreation - even prime ministers - and for me physical exercise has always been a great form of recreation," he said.
"It's stress relief apart from anything else.
"Cycling is a very social sport, surfing is a very social sport. Something like an ironman or a half ironman - ok, it's very gruelling, but it is actually a community event.
"I don't see why you would be precluded from attending community events. So I'm not ruling it in but I'm not ruling it out."