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Queensland Politics: Police won't budge on pay offer

Is Ian Leavers President of the QPU doing the right thing by his Police Union members?

Rank and file police union members must be disappointed at their union's rejection of a pay offer which would have given them significantly more annual salary than their counterparts in NSW and Victoria.


Joint Statement: Premier and Minister for the Arts

The Honourable Anna Bligh

Minister for Police, Corrective Services and Emergency Services

The Honourable Neil Roberts


Qld Government offers immediate police pay rise

Premier Anna Bligh said today she was disappointed the police unions had rejected an immediate, increased pay offer which would see Queensland police getting thousands more than their counterparts in NSW and Victoria each year.

"What we put on the table today was an offer of an immediate three per cent increase backdated to July 1, 2010," Ms Bligh said.

"Today's interim offer would have delivered an immediate pay rise while the three-year enterprise bargaining agreement went to the independent umpire - the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission - for final determination."

The Government's offer was subject to an agreement that: public servants other than police operate speed camera vans, and all other outstanding issues - including the final amount of the pay rise over the next three years - be resolved with the assistance of the Qld Industrial Relations Commission.

"The Government wants to see this money getting into the pockets of police because we recognise and respect the vital role they play in keeping Queensland communities safe," Ms Bligh said.

"I am disappointed the police unions have today rejected our offer because it would have meant each and every week around an extra $38 for a constable, $47 for a senior constable and $57 for a sergeant."

The Government has now filed an application in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission seeking the assistance of the independent umpire in settling the dispute.

"I want this dispute settled as soon as possible so our police can get a wage rise," Ms Bligh said.

"Given that discussions have reached a stalemate, the best way forward is through the QIRC."

Ms Bligh said the increase (including base salary, superannuation and shift allowances) would also mean:

·A constable gets $3,451 more each year than their counterpart in NSW and $7,393 each year more than their counterpart in Victoria;

·A senior constable gets more than $4,522 more than their counterpart in NSW and $10,859 more than their counterpart in Victoria; and

·A sergeant gets more than $7,274 more than their counterpart in NSW and $9,629 more than their counterpart in Victoria.

Police Minister Neil Roberts said today the Government had a strong record of supporting the police service - delivering a record budget this financial year and more police officers to the frontline.

"We've now got more than 10,300 serving police officers helping to keep our communities safe," Mr Roberts said.

"And this year we delivered a record $1.8 billion Budget investment in our police service - an investment which also includes delivering better crime fighting equipment and upgrading and improving police stations."

"Today's offer - particularly in the context of a tight budget - is fair and reasonable and I'm disappointed the Queensland Police Union didn't come to the party and ensure this pay rise got to our hardworking officers who deserve it."