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Palmer palms away legal fight against Captain Bligh

Joint Statement: Premier and Minister for the Arts

The Honourable Anna Bligh

Treasurer and Minister for Employment and Economic Development

The Honourable Andrew Fraser


Statement by Premier

Premier Anna Bligh, Treasurer Andrew Fraser and businessman Clive Palmer have today reached a settlement after mediation over defamation action brought by Mr Palmer.

Ms Bligh said the parties reached an agreement which meant the matter was now finalised and would not proceed to court.

"I'm very happy that we have been able to settle this matter and avoid the expense and inconvenience of having to proceed to a court hearing," the Premier said.

"This matter is now closed."

The Premier, Treasurer and Mr Palmer agreed to release the following statement:

In January 2009, in the course of discussing political donations, the Premier and Treasurer made certain remarks concerning Professor Palmer. As a result of those remarks, Professor Palmer brought actions against the Premier and Treasurer.

The parties have settled those actions on the following terms:

1.Professor Palmer will discontinue the actions.

2.Each party will pay his or her own costs of the actions.

3.There is no requirement that this settlement be kept confidential.

4.The parties agree there is an entirely legitimate role for individuals and entities to support political parties through either donations (in cash or in kind) or other efforts.

The Premier and Treasurer agree that Professor Palmer has not acted unlawfully in supporting the LNP.

Equally, Professor Palmer agrees that robust political debate is absolutely vital to a functioning democracy.

The Premier and Treasurer do not hold the view that any political donations made by Professor Palmer to the LNP were made for an unlawful purpose.

All parties agreed that each is honestly committed to the prosperous future of Queensland.