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Over 20 hopefuls vie for LNP endorsedment in Blair

Over 20 hopeful LNP members are reportedly nominating for party endorsement for the Federal seat of Blair based on Ipswich and the adjoining rural areas to the north, west and south of the city.

The seat is currently held by former lawyer Shayne Neumann for the Labor Party.

He won the seat from the Liberals' Cameron Thompson who spent the last 3 years of his political life trying to to stop the upgrade of the Ipswich Motorway from Wacol to Dinmore.

Cameron subsequently disappeared to Tasmania but has been seen back in Queensland beavering away in the background for the LNP.

Popular Rosewood-based councillor David Pahlke, who once stood for the National Party in the seat of Ipswich West against Don Livingstone, had briefly considered tossing his hat in the ring for Blair but decided his home town of Rosewood needed him more.

Clive Palmer -
Coming to a polling booth near you!
Now, a whole swag of political LNP aspirants - from old fuddies to young turks - are vying for the seat of Blair thinking they can make their mark in Ipswich and Canberra.

There might be a political tsunami heading towards Queensland from the ACT but Shayne Neumann is a dogged political fighter who will run another capable campaign at the next Federal election and will take on his LNP opponent in a formidable manner.

At least the people of Ipswich won't have Clive Palmer seeking LNP endorsement for Blair - something awaiting the good people of Lilley who may have to choose between the Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan and Australia's richest man!

Maybe Clive Palmer would be the best LNP candidate for Lilley - especially from the Labor Party's point of view!