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Will DNA evidence finger Allison Baden-Clay's killer?

Allison Baden-Clay
The Allison Baden-Clay murder is turning into one of the most-unusual  investigations in Brisbane's history, surpassing the meticulous and eventually successful CIB investigation of Brisbane City Council bus driver Hendrikus Plomp for murder in 1961.

What is really unusual is that 99% of residents across southeast Queensland are freely nominating who they think the chief suspect is or could be.

Only three possible and plausible theories are being advanced at this stage involving interesting combinations of offenders both before and after the fact.

If there is no confession or direct evidence, this could turn into a murder trial based solely on circumstantial evidence.

The question on many people's lips is:  Was there any DNA found on Allison's body after it was retrieved and if so, whose?

It would be in everyone's interest if the killer came forward now from their hiding hole and made a full confession.