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When will the police take Allison Baden-Clay's killer into custody?

Allison Baden-Clay

The police have said a number of things about this murder:

1.   It was not a random attack.

2.   There is no killer on the loose around Brookfield ready to strike again.

3.   Allison Baden-Clay may have known her attacker.

4.   The police have a key suspect.

5.   The police are confident of bringing her killer to justice.

Questions which the public is now asking:

1.   Why is it taking so long to make an arrest?

2.   Is the key suspect at the start of the murder investigation, still the same key suspect?

3.   Is more than one person under investigation for murder or as an accomplice to murder?

4.   Is any person under investigation as an accessory either before or after the fact?

5.   Is the killer aware that he or she is a suspect in the murder?

6.   Was a vehicle used not only to take Allison's body to Kholo Creek but was that vehicle - or another vehicle - used to kill her?

7.   Was any part of her body dismembered?

8.   Was any incriminating DNA evidence found on her body?

9.    Did this killing appear to be premeditated or pre-planned?

10.  How soon is an arrest likely?

11.  How many persons may be arrested in relation to this murder?

12.  Has any person under investigation for this murder made any incriminating statements by phone, SMS or email?

13.  Have there been any tracking devices placed on any vehicles or concealed microphones placed in any homes, businesses or vehicles during the course of this investigation?

The police seem tantalisingly close to making an arrest in this case.  

The public can only conclude that the killer is so stupid, he or she is continuing to say and do things which amount to admissions of guilt or is engaging in other incriminating actions which are building a rock-solid case which no defence counsel could ever wriggle out of for their client.