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Allison Baden-Clay: Body may never have been found except for unseasonal weekend rain

Kholo Creek where it flows under Mt Crosby Rd in Brisbane's
west, where Allison Baden-Clay's murdered body was found.
 Allison Baden-Clay's killer must have been a meticulous, cold-blooded individual determined her body would never be found.

And there is every chance it would have been concealed forever in the thick vines and undergrowth which line Kholo Creek near Mt Crosby in Brisbane's west.

But the killer did not count on heavy autumn rain on the weekend of 28 - 29 April 2012 which put a one metre flush in Kholo Creek washing her body downstream almost to the mouth of the creek where it enters the Brisbane River, opposite the Ipswich suburb of Karalee.

If Mrs Baden-Clay's body had been dumped further upstream in Kholo Creek closer to the Tyamolum Scout Camp, it is likely to have remained trapped and concealed beneath fallen trees which line the creek bank following the devastating January 2011 Brisbane River flood.

Had this year's unseasonal April showers not hit Brisbane and Ipswich 10 days after she disappeared, it is almost a statistical certainty her body would have slowly perished into oblivion beneath those almost impenetrable vines and undergrowth.

The killer was banking on the fact her body would never be located, just like the disappearance of another former Ipswich girl Sharron Phillips on the Ipswich Motorway at Wacol in 1986.

But the unlikely late autumn rain is now almost certain to lead to the undoing of this callous killer.

Whoever is responsible for this dastardly deed is a cold, calculating brutal killer who knew exactly what they were doing by showing a degree of extreme cunning in the disposal of the victim's body.

But one thing they could never count on was the vagaries of Brisbane's sub-tropical weather and the unseasonal torrent of rain in our creeks and river systems at the end of April which ultimately exposed one of our state's worst crimes in Queensland's 153 year history.

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