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Allison Baden-Clay: "D"-Day approaches for killer

With a team of more than 20 detectives moving forward with their investigation and final post mortem tests becoming available, "D"-Day cannot be far away for Allison Baden-Clay's killer.

Police have already publicly announced that she may have known her killer.

The team of homicide detectives is playing a masterful game to flush out the killer, drip feeding small tidbits of key information to the media which must be driving the killer insane.

With each small piece of carefully released information, such as the possibility two cars were seen at Kholo Creek where the body was found, the killer must be frantic to speak to any accomplices to refine their story - something near impossible with police wire taps and electronic surveillance certain to be in place.

The time must be just about up for this killer.

The arrest and subsequent trial is likely to be one of the most-sensational ever witnessed in Queensland.