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Baden-Clay murder: No delays says Queensland Health

Allison Baden-Clay
Queensland Health says there are no delays in forensic tests being run in one of Queensland's biggest murder cases.

The Courier-Mail newspaper reported today in a story about the murder of Brisbane mother Allison Baden-Clay that there were "lengthy delays in forensic tests" that were "compromising police investigations".

Senior director of Forensic and Scientific Services, Greg Shaw, says forensic examinations in the Baden-Clay murder investigation have been given the highest priority.

''We expect to have final toxicology results within the next week,'' Mr Shaw said.

''Queensland Health understands the importance of closure for the family of the deceased and is treating this case with priority.''

Mrs Baden-Clay, 43, disappeared from her Brisbane home on April 20 and her body was discovered on a creek bank 10 days later.


COMMENT:  No delays?  Who is Greg Shaw trying to fool? Almost every person in Queensland has been following this murder with the same intensity as the public followed the 1952 Betty Shanks murder, yet Greg Shaw claims the delay in providing the results of the toxicology tests is normal. If that's normal, maybe it's time for Greg Shaw to give up his daytime job.