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Plea to Brisbane radio stations

With the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations underway in London, it would be good if all local radio newsreaders correctly pronounced the River Thames, as in tems and not thames.

Also, one of Briabane's oldest and most-respected commercial radio stations has one newsreader whose geography leaves a lot to be desired.

He has recently described the Plainland area near Gatton as east of Ipswich, Brookfield as being in Brisbane's north and Narangba as part of the Gold Coast. Was he thinking of Nerang in the Gold Coast hinterland?

Thankfully, these three gaffes were in different bulletins.

Spelling is almost a lost art but correct pronunciation is just plain laziness.

As for geographic precision, this particular newsreader needs to grab a UBD urgently, otherwise head back to Swaziland where time and place don't really matter.