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Does anyone recognise the people in this historic photograph?

Hendrikus Plomp, wife killer,
arriving at court in Brisbane c. 1961 - 62.
This picture was taken between October 1961 and January 1962, probably at George St Brisbane.

It depicts Hendrikus Plomp of Inala (handcuffed) in the centre who was to be convicted of the murder of his wife Fay and later sentenced to life imprisonment after a 3-day trial.

There is a Queensland Police Officer on the far left with his hat on, in the old "brown bomber" uniform of the day.

The younger person at the front, facing away from the camera, and the dark haired chap on Plomp's left are either police or prison officers.

The gentleman at the back with the old style camera was a newspaper photographer from the Truth or The Courier-Mail / Telegraph stable.

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