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Tonight 9:00pm 4BC - CRIME AT 9 - The Brisbane man who killed his wife for another woman

Hendrikus Plomp on the day
of his arrest for the murder
 of his wife Fay in 1961.

Crime at 9 on 4BC 1116 AM

Tonight - Monday 11 June - is the story of the the Brisbane father who killed his wife for another woman after an affair with her and whose plans to marry her were thwarted by the police investigation.

All the police had was circumstantial evidence against the killer but that was to prove enough to put this man behind bars for wilful murder before he was ultimately deported to his home country after serving 11 years - initially at the notorious Boggo Road Gaol in Brisbane and later at the Nnmbinbah Valley Prison Farm

It was a story which gripped all of Queensland - an otherwise respectable Brisbane father who meticulously plotted his wife's drowning and whose story was not believed by the jury, the Supreme Court or the full bench of the High Court of Australia.

This murder 51 years ago had all the essentials of one of Queensland's most-despicable crimes - a faithful wife, an apparently devoted but cheating violent husband and father, motives of greed and extra-marital love, declarations of fidelity and a belief he could not be convicted when the killer declared:

"I am not concerned about the inquest. They can say what they like. I am the only witness to the drowning and if I claim privilege and refuse to give evidence, that is the end of the inquest."

How wrong he was!

Tonight at 9.00 on 4BC, the case of THE QUEEN v HENDRIKUS PLOMP.

Filling in for Crime at 9 presenter Jack Sim will be guest presenter and historian Paul Tully.