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Brookfield Murder: Online Bible plea by Allison Baden-Clay's in-laws as police remain confident of an arrest

Allison Baden-Clay

Allison Baden-Clay with husband Gerard on their wedding day

A RELATIVE of Gerard Baden-Clay has urged friends not to lose faith over salacious gossip and warned them to expect "more and worse" to emerge.

Just after the discovery of the body of Mr Baden-Clay's wife, Allison, his brother-in-law, Pastor Ian Walton, wrote a message online describing the family's heartbreak.

"Well it has been confirmed. Our darling Allison has died," the message began. "We love her so much and can scarcely believe that her gentle, loving life has come to an end!

"Our house is full of deep grief and abounding love.

"We are doing all that we can to support those around us, especially Gerard and their beautiful girls, who are heartbroken."

Quoting a Bible passage that refers to being "struck down but not destroyed", Mr Walton went on to criticise coverage of the Brookfield mother-of-three's disappearance.

"They have virtually imprisoned us in the house! They have NO regard for Allison or her family - despite their 'crocodile tears' for Allison. I warn you that there may be more and worse to come."

"Precious friends, on another matter you need to be aware that the media are glorying in the most revolting and salacious gossip. They seem determined to do all possible to damage and destroy.

Mr Walton - who is married to Mr Baden-Clay's sister, Olivia - also told how the family had made a collective decision to remain quiet.

"Please do not put your trust in what you read and do not lose faith at this time.

"We have decided not to speak publicly to the media and to grieve in private.

"We may pay the price for this in the 'court' of public opinion."

The message ends: "We have been so blessed by the unconditional love, support and prayer of family, friends and loving strangers.

"We see you as God's hands and feet ... We thank you from the depth of our heart."

Mr Walton, from Townsville's Northreach Baptist church, yesterday said the message was written "in a moment of great grief" to friends. It is believed the message was put up on his Facebook page around the day after Mrs Baden-Clay's body was discovered under the Kholo Creek bridge at Anstead, on April 30, 11 days after she was last seen alive at her Brookfield home.

After the message was prepared, it emerged Mr Baden-Clay had an affair with a former staffer interviewed at least three times by police, as part of the investigations.

A core group of about 15 detectives continue to work on the case from a major incident room at Indooroopilly police station.

Detective Superintendent Mark Ainsworth yesterday said: "The investigation is progressing and we are confident of a resolution."