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National Politics: Palmer, Abbott had 'fierce disagreement'

Clive Palmer -
Had a lot to say to Tony Abbott

OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott and mining billionaire Clive Palmer have reportedly clashed over the issue of political lobbyists.

ABC online says the confrontation took place in a Melbourne hotel last Thursday night.

The two men are said to have had a "fierce disagreement".

According to the report, Mr Palmer told Mr Abbott he was going to move a motion to bar senior lobbyists from being senior office bearers in the party at the Federal Liberal Party Council meeting this weekend.

Mr Palmer is alleged to have told his supporters the opposition leader's response was "visceral", that Mr Abbott swore at him and that he felt threatened.

Mr Abbott's office reportedly said he remained calm throughout, rejected the allegation that the opposition leader swore at Mr Palmer and said that he did not threaten to kick out the mining owner out of the Liberal Party.

Mr Palmer is trying to gain preselection for the Queensland seat of Lilley, held by Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan.

The mining boss is one of the biggest donors to the conservative parties in Australia.

A spokesman for Mr Palmer told AAP that he was unaware of the claims and that mining magnate was in Darwin on Monday.

He also said Mr Palmer would hold a press conference in Brisbane on Tuesday.

COMMENT: Clive Palmer seems to have got the better of Tony Abbott.  Perhaps shades of 25 years ago - not JOH for PM but CLIVE for PM.  Clive might have been better to dong a bit of sense into his Liberal "mate".