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Australian Politics: ALP moves censure motion against Attorney-General George Brandis over Gillian Triggs

Sentaor George Brandis: Will he do
 the honourable thing and resign if
censured by the Senate?
The ALP has quite properly moved to censure the Attorney-General George Brandis over his appalling treatment of the president of the Australian Human Rights Commission Gillian Triggs.

If the motion is carried, Senator Brandis should show some modicum of respect for the Senate and resign his portfolio immediately.

After all, he is always preaching to the people of Australia about the rule of law, respect for the law and decency in politics.

The Courier-Mail reports: LABOR has tried to censure Attorney-General George Brandis over his "deplorable" treatment of the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Opposition Senate leader Penny Wong moved the censure motion as the upper house began sitting on Monday, claiming Senator Brandis was unfit to hold the office of attorney-general.

It censures the minister for failing to defend the commission's president Gillian Triggs from "malicious attacks", trying to seek her resignation and refusing to own up to his conduct during last week's Senate estimate hearings.