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Local Government: Former MP Sean Choat wants to swap jobs with his political nemesis Jim Madden

The defeated Member for Ipswich West Sean Choat wants the Somerset Council seat vacated by the new Member for Ipswich West Jim Madden.

It's a game of political musical chairs fit for an entry into the Guinness Book of Records.

And if Sean Choat snares the vacant position on the Somerset Regional Council, he will be receiving close to $150,000 less on the public purse per year than he pocketed during the past three years.

Former MP for Ipswich West Sean 
Choat stays "mum" on his chances 
of resurrecting a new career
 in local government.
The Queensland Times reports: Former Ipswich West MP throws hat in the ring for Somerset role.

The Bill Lawry of Ipswich politics is set to fly again.

Sean Choat, a pigeon enthusiast just like the legendary former Australian Test cricketer, has applied for the Somerset council position vacated by the man who took his former seat of Ipswich West at the state election.

Mr Choat lost the seat to Labor's Jim Madden but that has not dimmed his interest in continuing in public life.

Applications to fill the councillor position left vacant by Mr Madden close on Friday, March 6 and the Somerset Regional Council will collate all entries and appoint a new councillor.

Speculation Mr Choat would nominate was rife in the district and the QT had to drag it out of him that he had applied.

But the former LNP MP wants to make a contribution to the local community that is dear to his heart.

"The people in the community, and God bless them, are getting excited about it as though it is a fait accompli and that if I put an application in I will be selected," Mr Choat said.

"But that is not the situation at all.

"I certainly don't want to be seen as some sort of schmuck who assumes he will go from the state position to the council."

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