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Close the Convention Centre down until they get their act together

Close the Convention Centre until
 the source of the problem is identified.
Public health and proper food sanitation are absolutely essential especially for major establishments which the public should be able have every confidence in. 

To have one serious large-scale outbreak of food poisoning is bad enough but to have two, beggars belief.

The Health Department should close the food operations at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre until source of the food poisoning is identified at all steps implemented to prevent it from ever happening again.

The Courier-Mail reports: The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre has been linked to a second outbreak of salmonella poisoning.

THE Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre was the source of a salmonella outbreak a week before 250 people got food poisoning at a school principals’ conference.

It’s been revealed about 10 people fell ill after attending the Fundraising Institute of Australia at the centre, a week before the principals’ conference was held late last month.

Five of those 10 people were confirmed to have had salmonella.