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Australian Politics: Oh, no! Julie Bishop wants to be Prime Minister

His "loyal" deputy wants the spoils of war should the Prime Minister be blown out of the top job.

"Well done, good and faithful servant" will be the cry from Tony Abbott as he slinks out of the Liberal Party room and off to his next promotion - on the backbench of the House of Representatives.

If Julie Bishop happened to miraculously jag the Prime Ministership, her infamous death stare would follow her around the world from London to Ottawa, Moscow to Jakarta, Washington to Wellington.

But could she out-stare the people of Australia at the 2016 election?

If Julie Bishop becomes Prime
Minister, her death stare would spook
every other world leader.
The Courier-Mail reports: JULIE Bishop and Malcolm Turnbull will both stand for the Liberal leadership in the event of a spill motion, setting the scene for a Melbourne Cup’s field of candidates that could even include Trade Minister Andrew Robb.

The Foreign Minister’s supporters have indicated the mood of the party room is clear: Liberal MPs want a choice and don’t want a “fait accompli’’ where powerbrokers form a ticket in the event that Tony Abbott resigns or faces a second spill motion.

That is likely to spark a three way contest if Tony Abbott contests any second leadership spill, or even the prospect of a four-candidate race if Mr Robb also throws his hat in the ring.

Senior cabinet ministers insist Mr Robb has been telling MPs Mr Turnbull is “not conservative enough’’ in the event the Prime Minister is toppled.

While cabinet ministers have hosed down reports a challenge could come as soon as this week, they admitted the situation was “unpredictable’’.

Asked if he was concerned Ms Bishop was refusing to rule out contesting if the leadership was vacant, the Prime Minister said in New Zealand: “Well, look, I don’t expect that opportunity to arise.’’

Ms Bishop said: “I am not aware of any attempt to bring a spill motion to challenge the leadership.’’

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