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QLD Politics: LNP secret donations law to be ditched by Labor

Jarrod Bleijie - his
outrageous law is about
 to be tossed out by Labor.
It was a disgraceful piece of legislation dreamed up by the LNP, given life by the former Attorney-General Jarrod Blejie and carefully nurtured by Campbell Newman - whose reign as Premier will go down in history as the worst performance of any Premier since Queensland became a separate colony in 1859.

Puggsley from the Addams Family
bears a striking resemblance to Jarrod
Bleijie.  One was a pretentious, little
upstart - the other of course
was a child TV actor.
It was designed for one reason - and one reason only - to hide political donations made to the Liberal National Party in Queensland.

Its justification was impossible to fathom and this law was the beginning of the end of the Campbell Newman LNP government.

The Palaszczuk government had done the right thing with its quick decision to bury this anti-democratic, outrageous law.

Premier Palaszczuk set to dump the
 LNP's secret donations law.
The Courier-Mail reports: Palaszczuk commits to reverse controversial political donations law created by Newman government.

THE Palaszczuk Government is moving forward with its plan to roll back controversial Newman government reforms to political donation disclosure laws, with Cabinet today formally approving the introduction of legislation.

As previously promised, the reversal of the donation law changes - which raised the disclosure threshold from $1000 to $12,800 - will be the first piece of legislation introduced into the new Parliament.

Cabinet has also approved moves to reinstate six-monthly reporting requirements, scrap voter ID requirements and examine the possible introduction of “real-time disclosure” of donations.

Ms Palaszczuk said the donation law changes would stretch back to November 21, 2013.

“No more will there be secrecy in political donations,” Ms Palaszczuk said.