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Australian Politics: This is a joke! Another VOLUNTARY code of conduct for big business.

Response from Woolworths and
Coles over another voluntary code:
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ...."
Whenever the Federal Government announces another purely voluntary code of conduct for big business, you can be sure big business is laughing all the way to the bank.

Even the Minister Bruce Billson is pre-empting the voluntary code will fail because he says after three years there will be a review and according to the Minister they would then "look at ways it could enforce it".

This is utterly hopeless, pro-business, anti-consumer clap-trap.

The Small Business Minister is doing nothing to protect either small business or the ultimate day-to-day consumers across Australia, preferring to concentrate on helping the daddy long legs of Australian commerce, Woolworths and Coles, who have treated farmers and growers across the nation with absolute disdain for far too long.

The Courier-Mail reports: Food and grocery code of conduct to prevent supermarkets ripping off farmers

SHOPPERS could look forward to cheaper groceries at the checkout as a result of a new food and grocery code of conduct to be in place from tomorrow.

Small Business Minister Bruce Billson today announced the government’s planned code, but said the major supermarkets would have to agree to voluntarily adopt the standards.

And get ripped off!
The new measures include an obligation to enter into grocery supply agreements in writing, minimum standards of behaviour in dealings with suppliers and dispute resolution mechanisms to assist suppliers in resolving stoushes.

Mr Billson said the code was “pro-competition” which could lead to better deals for consumers.

Mr Billson said the code would be reviewed in three years.

He said if supermarkets rallied against the code, the government would look at ways it could enforce it.