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Vaccinations should be compulsory for all kids at child care centres and school students

Vaccinations should be compulsory.

The sooner the better vaccinations are compulsory for all children at child care centres in Queensland and for all primary and secondary students.

The benefits of vaccination are so well-proven, it is hard to fathom how anyone could legitimately oppose the health and well-being of our children.

The Courier-Mail reports: QUEENSLAND'S premier has indicated she'll introduce vaccination laws to ensure all children are protected, but says she doesn't want to go down the path of banning unvaccinated kids from childcare centres.

ANNASTACIA Palaszczuk says her government is committed to making sure every child is protected against infectious diseases.But she says unfortunately there are still high rates of unvaccinated children on the Sunshine Coast and northern Queensland.

Ms Palaszczuk wants to bring in laws around vaccination, but says she doesn't want to ban unvaccinated children from attending childcare centres.

"I know it's an issue that is out there in the community. It's a public health and safety issue; we will introduce that legislation this year," she said.

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