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Abbott backflips on his signature policy for women

How much longer will the Liberal Party put up with this buffoon?

Tony Abbott - Most divisive
 Prime Minister in 40 years.
Tony Abbott has taken his signature paid parental leave scheme off the table, Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has confirmed.

THE prime minister is expected to announce the decision in a major policy speech at the National Press Club on Monday."The PPL, we've taken [it] off the table," Mr Frydenberg told ABC radio on Monday.

"He will say that it's off the table because the prime minister understands that what is desirable is not always doable."

The scheme would have paid new mothers their full salary for six months, capped at an annual income of $100,000.

It will be replaced with a revamped families package.

"There will be an emphasis on child care and how we can build and boost female workforce participation," Mr Frydenberg said.

It was too difficult to proceed with Mr Abbott's "signature" parental leave policy given the tight budgetary environment.

"The prime minister recognises that he has to be pragmatic about it," the assistant treasurer said.

He batted away criticism of the decision, saying Mr Abbott had consulted colleagues extensively and taken into account the Productivity Commission's report into child care.

"You can't criticise him for taking leadership on this issue even though he said at the last election that we're going to introduce the PPL."

Queensland MP Ewen Jones said he knew many women who would be deeply disappointed by the decision.

"But it was too hard a sell, and it has to go," he said.