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Liberals' politics of assassination: After stabbing him in the back, Abbott has 'deepest respect' for Ruddock

Philip Ruddock: Stabbed in the back by his own party.
Philip Ruddock is the longest-serving member of the House of Representatives.

Since 1973, he has served the people of Australia via the conservative side of politics.

But the politics of assassination is what the Liberal Party has perfected when out of the blue, the Prime Minister Tony Abbott stabbed his long-term "mate" in the back and cast him to the wolves.

And this happened one week after Tony Abbott narrowly survived a leadership vote and immediately promised to abandon his divisive ways.

Then at the first opportunity he cut down his loyal and faithful servant.

Time is ticking away for Tony Abbott.
If that's what loyalty in the Liberal Party gets you, then heaven help any Liberal dissenters.

The clock is ticking like a time bomb for Tony Abbott who believes in the politics of hate and division.

The alarm will go off in the near future and Tony Abbott will be rightly consigned to the backbench and the annals of Australian history.

Assistant treasurer Josh Frydenberg says Philip Ruddock is doing well since his demotion.

Tony Abbott PM MP FOS
Prime Minister
Member of Parliament
Full of Sh*t
PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has promised a "deeper and stronger" engagement with coalition backbenchers following his decision to dump Liberal elder Philip Ruddock as government chief whip.

"I've made a very strong commitment for a deeper and stronger engagement with the backbench of our party and that is why I've chosen to renew the ... team," Mr Abbott told reporters in Sydney

."Obviously I have nothing but the deepest respect for Philip Ruddock."