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Chief Justice in key role in any Ferny Grove appeal

Justice Tim Carmody could play a key
 role in any Ferny Grove appeal.
The LNP appointee as Chief Justice Tim Carmody is set to play a key role in the outcome of the 2015 Queensland state election.

At this stage, the likely scenario is ALP 43, LNP 42, KAP 2, Independent 1, a total of 88 in a full house of 89.

The final seat which may end up in court is Ferny Grove which the ALP has wrested from the LNP.

Ferny Grove would give the ALP 44 and the need to rely on only one other MP to form government.

The loss of Ferny Grove would require the ALP to maintain government with the support of at least 2 MP's from the cross benches.

Alternatively, if the LNP somehow snatched Ferny Grove back in a by-election, they would also have to get the support of two cross-bench members to form government - something which is relatively unlikely given the dog-like way the LNP treated those cross bench members when in government.

As Chief Justice, Tim Carmody could hear any appeal in Ferny Grove himself or assign another judge to hear the case.

It's all heading towards a very interesting and historic sequel to the 2015 Queensland election.