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If Prime Minister Abbott is fair dinkum, he will reverse the decision to grant an Australian Kinghthood to Prince Philip

Abbott to get his own award: The Royal Order of the Boot!

Another Knight at the Palace!
The Prime Minister Tony Abbott has tried hard today to show he is eating humble pie over his "crazy man's" decision to appoint the Greek-born husband of the Queen of England as an Australian Knight.

But tonight it probably isn't humble pie on the menu for Tony Abbott but lavish servings of caviar and other gastronomic delights, scoffed down with champagne and high quality wines, as he laughs at the people of Australia for slamming his Australia Day monumental gaffe. 

Mr Abbott admitted today his "captain's call" decision to confer the award on the Duke of Edinburgh was a total "stuff-up".

"I accept that I probably overdid it on awards," he told the National Press Club in Canberra.

"I have listened, I have learned, I have acted, and those particular captain's picks which people have found difficult have been reversed."

He might be listening but through which orifice?

If Tony Abbott had a modicum of decency about him, he would reverse his so-called captain's call and get the Queen to withdraw the offer of a knighthood to her husband already heavily-laden with more awards than just about anyone else in the history of the British Empire.

If he refuses to do so, he is going to cop another barrage of adverse publicity when the gong is finally awarded and Prince Philip genuflects before the Queen and a sword is placed on his shoulder to grant him the knighthood.

Whether that's in Australia or London, the publicity will be dreadful for Abbott.

And if he tries to cover it up with a private ceremony before Queen Elizabeth, the media will demand some explanation from Tony Abbott.

Either way, Tony Abbott is on a political hiding-to-nothing which will eventually culminate in his own award of the Royal Order of the Boot.