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For whom the bell tolls: It tolls for thee, Tony Abbott

As the vultures hover over Capital Hill in Canberra, Prime Minister Tony Abbott's worst fears are likely to be fulfilled - sooner or later.

Good advice for Tony Abbott.
Perhaps much sooner than expected.

When the Liberal Party is one the warpath, it shows as much mercy as an African lion towards its cornered prey.

Tony Abbott is a clone of Campbell Newman who believed he was always right, perfecting the Gough Whitlam "Crash or crash through" mantra.

Tony Abbott showed how out of touch he really is with the people of Australia last week when he announced he was giving an Australian Knighthood to the Greek-born husband of the Queen of England.

As far as political stupidity goes, that would take the cake.

Say goodnight Tony.
When the Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals' Leader Warren Truss comes out backing you and saying there is no threat, you know you are in real trouble.

Tony Abbott cannot survive - either at the end of the sharpened knives of his Liberal colleagues or when the people of Australia cast judgment on him and his battle-weary comrades next year at ballot boxes across the nation.