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NSW Politics: Mike Baird is either a kamikaze pilot or a political fool - or both!

NSW Premier Mike Baird says
 he'll  welcome Prime Minister
Tony Abbott (R) on the
campaign trail.
NSW Premier Mike Baird says he would welcome Prime Minister Tony Abbott on the campaign trail, but admits the federal government's "internal distractions" aren't helpful.

"THERE'S no doubt the federal government is going through its challenges," he told reporters at Sydney's Westmead hospital on Saturday.

"The whole electorate is saying 'look after us, deal with the issues that matter to us'. Internal distractions are never helpful."

Mike Baird prepares for
the NSW state election.
Speaking in New Zealand, Mr Abbott said he would continue to appear alongside Mr Baird in the lead up to the NSW election, especially on infrastructure issues.

"I imagine that in coming days and weeks you'll see lots of occasions when Mike Baird and I are together on projects such as WestConnex ... on projects like NorthConnex," Mr Abbott told reporters.

"I'm looking forward to working together with Mike Baird before the campaign, during the campaign and after the campaign."

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