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Punters backed LNP in Queensland with some money on the Labor Party

SportsBet was the big winner.

Political insiders tipped an overall LNP victory. 
THE state election result has caught many by surprise, except for some prophetic punters.

Sportsbet reported more than 1,000 customers backed the ALP to win the hard fought battle, despite political insiders tipping an overall LNP victory.

“Several of those bets were in the thousands of dollars range,” Sportsbet’s Christian Jantzen said.

“The money ended up running 2:1 in favour of the LNP however there are some happy Labor supporters around,” he said.

According to Mr Janzten the biggest spenders tended to bet their bucks on the LNP.

“There were less than half as many bets placed on the LNP to win but twice as many dollars went on them,” Mr Jantzen said.

One punter would have to be crying into their cornflakes this morning though, after placing a whopping $25,000 on the LNP to win.