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Abbott oblivious to political reality as his days are slowly numbered

Tony Abbott - Even he can't believe how dumb he is.
Tony Abbott is totally oblivious to what is happening around him.

Last week, he stabbed his long term political confidant Philip Ruddock square in the back - because neither Ruddock nor Abbott had gauged the level of hostility in the Liberal Party backbench against him.

And then he promised to reform.

If that was a joke, it wasn't very funny for the people of Australia.

Abbott has as much ability to reform as a wild cougar has after tasting blood for the first time.

The Prime Minister's days are numbered but it will be interesting if Malcolm Turnbull becomes PM as his views on many issues are closer to Labor's than his own Liberal front bench.

And what a storm awaits when he tries to talk to his National Party colleagues on simple issues like climate change and an Australian republic!

The end of the coalition?