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Australian Politics: Baseball bats waiting for dead man walking Tony Abbott

"Oh my god, I can feel an election coming on!"
Australia's divisive Prime Minister Tony Abbott is finished.

If not next Tuesday, sometime soon before the next election.

While his own colleagues are seeking to destroy him, Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott is on a hiding to nothing whether or not the spill motion is carried at Tuesday's Liberal Party meeting in Canberra.

The baseball bats are well and truly out as nervous backbenchers scan the latest polls which put the Liberal/National coalition a full 10 percentage points behind the Labor Party.

Even if the spill motion is defeated , Tony Abbott is already a dead man walking and it's just a matter of time before this conservative political neanderthal is relegated to the backbench of Australia political history.

Malcolm Turnbull may be portrayed as the saviour of the Liberal Party but the National Party regards him as some sort of super left-wing ideologue whose ambitions and beliefs would make every traditional National Party supporter choke on their cornflakes every morning.

How would the National Party cope with a Liberal Prime Minister who embraces climate change and who believes in an Australian Republic.