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LNP flogging a dead horse

Lawrence Springborg will have plenty of time for navel-
gazing during the next three years.
The Lazarus-like Member for Southern Downs Lawrence Springborg is destined to become the official Queensland Opposition Leader within the next 48 hours.

And Annastacia Palaszczuk will be commissioned as Premier in the same time-frame.

Despite all the bleatings by the Tories, the official 2015 Queensland election has produced the following crystal-clear result:

ALP - 44
LNP - 42
KAP -  2
IND  -  1.

The sole Independent Peter Wellington has formally supported the Labor Party, giving Labor the magic 45 out of 89 seats needed to form government in Queensland.

How 42 beats 44 defies mathematical logic. Maybe a Grade 1 student at the Stanthorpe State School could explain that to Lawrence.

Meanwhile, the Katter Australian Party (KAP) is still deciding which issues are important to it - starting with the elimination of flying foxes in Queensland.

Forget the threat of a by-election in Ferny Grove.  

Labor is about to be declared the winner in that seat and the preference votes of the disqualified PUP candidate clearly did not affect the outcome of the election.

How the LNP could possibly think the PUP's preferences affected the outcome is the latest mystery of the modern world direct from LNP headquarters.

Smoking opium would produce the same state of mind.

All the LNP's huffing and puffing will not blow the Labor house down.

As the old adage goes: "Winners are grinners" - and now Lawrence can go back home to look after his Italian honeybees on his Southern Downs property as he contemplates the 2018 election - if he survives that long!