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NSW Politics: Liberals ahead as state election looms

The Liberals don't deserve another chance in New South Wales but "pretty boy" Mike Baird might still fall over the line when the general election is held in four weeks.

There has been a stench hanging over the NSW Liberal Party for years and the government truly deserves the "Royal Order of the Boot" on March 28.

But the vagaries of voter support and public popularity mean that Labor will probably fall short of forming government, something the people will have deeply regretted by the time of the subsequent election in 2019.

NSW Premier Mike Baird 
The Courier-Mail reports: THE Baird coalition government is reportedly on track to be re-elected in NSW, despite declining support for Prime Minister Tony Abbott threatening to derail state campaigns.

A NEWSPOLL for News Corp Australia has found that Premier Mike Baird's government is set to take a hit in the March 28 election - though not a fatal one.

The poll suggests Baird's government could lose 17 seats if there is a uniform swing, but it remains ahead of Labor 54 per cent to 46 per cent on a two-party-preferred basis.

Baird remains the most popular leader in Australian politics with an approval rating at 59 per cent.